Friday, December 4, 2009

Silver Christmas Entertaining Pieces

Christmas is a perfect time to incorporate a Victorian flair. This book "Victorian Entertaining" by John Crosby Freeman showcases silver pieces on its cover.

This silver tea set sits on an antique store display. The tea set was purchased in an antique store in Indiana and the store display was purchased in an antique store in Arkansas. They are now being showcased in California so it goes to show you that a touch of Victorian can be displayed anywhere.

The coffee pot would be great to actually use for entertaining but my husband would need to repair the wiring. It still has beautiful features with its spout and ornate designs on the feet.

My friend, Sandra, and I had to each purchase one of these creamers when we saw them at the Clovis Street Faire in California. It can be used for its intended use or as Silver Christmas decor. I love the look of the shabby pedestal next to the silver.