Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reminiscing with "Sunday Favorites" Blog Party

When I saw that the blog "Happy to Design" was having a "Sunday Favorites" blog party, I knew I wanted to be included.  The party is designed to give bloggers an opportunity to share, once again, one of their favorite posts.

Since it will be almost one year (October 15, 2009) since I began my own blog, I decided I would like to share one of my first posts. 

When I first saw the black pumpkins, I knew I had to include them in my topiary.

A furry black spider greets you at my front door.

Nature does not provide our area with much of a Fall season so we have to create our own. We just came back from a trip from the West Coast to East Coast. We were a little early for the Fall even on the East Coast but we did have to shop at four faux pumpkin patches on the drive in order to create these topiaries.

 I made these faux pumpkin topiaries last year  and when I brought them out to place them by my door this year, it brought back precious memories we had on our "Across-the-United States" trip.  My husband was so good about letting me stop to shop whenever I spotted shops that I didn't want to pass up. Our van was so full by the time we were almost home, the two huge white pumpkins were strapped in the front passenger seat...I wish you could have seen some of the looks we got.  I love to ride in the back to watch DVDs and read. We are going to be flying to the East Coast this year.....Do you think I can manage to bring back more huge pumpkins?

 Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I am so excited that I have almost reached 100 followers and close to 100 posts.  I have had such a fun time in blogland and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful kindred-spirited friends.

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Have a Blessed Sunday

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Cloche Party

I noticed that A Stroll Thru Life blog was having a "Fall Cloche Party".  I didn't want to be left out of the party so I decided to show off some of my Fall decorations using cloches.

One of my favorite Fall purchases this year is this "Trick or Treat" box cloche.  I filled it with black and orange foil balls and placed a white pumpkin with black and orange dots.

This black cloche has enclosed a battery operated candle with furry spiders and their web.

These two cloches are on a tablescape on my dining table.
If you would like to see the entire tablescape, click here.

This cloche is sitting on a roll of vintage "Kiddie Park 1958 Hampton Village" tickets.
The Halloween bear is holding on to his "Trick or Treat" tickets and pumpkin.

The vignette is sitting on a vintage black cigar box.

A black iron dress form is used to display a Fall Tea vignette.

Toile cream and black tea set with a Parisian card.

I added the small white pumpkin to make this large cloche have a touch of Fall.

If you would like to see more Fall decorating check out my previous post.

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Have a Fall Inspired Weekend!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entry If You Dare

No, I didn't spell it wrong.  The last post was "Enter If You Dare" and this post is "Entry If You Dare"  You have to walk through the entry hall of my house to reach the Halloween  tablescape so this is what you see............if you have your eyes open.

Our new Pirate greets you but you better not touch his chest of jewels.

The "Boo" banner says it all.

Sitting on the edge of the armoire is a black spider with scarry eyes.

As you pass by, she comes down to greet you, too.

Spiders around the "Cold Poison".

I found these candles that look like they are dripping blood...sick huh?

There are spiders in all colors...

You have to walk through the spider's  web to get to the other rooms.

Now on a fun note:

With the help of Suzanne owner of a local fabric shop called
Strawberry Patches
I purchased fabric to make pillowcases for my three grandsons.
I thought since they are now 8 - 10 - 12 years of age, they wouldn't be too excited but was I wrong.

I got the award for:  "The Best Grammy in the whole wide world
to the coolest Grammy" for making pillowcases that glow in the dark.

These were so fun and easy that they will be getting pillowcases for every holiday.

If you are interested, get the instructions for making pillowcases on Suzanne's blog  Notes From the Patch .
If you would like to check out the store's fabrics click Strawberry Patches.

Thank you Suzanne at Strawberry Patches and Beverly at
My Sew Sweet Studio for always encouraging me to sew.

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Have a Fun Day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enter If You Dare

A few posts ago, I showed you a pile of treasures that I had found while traveling this summer.  Since today's temperatures were down in the low 80's, I was getting a sense of Autumn. I just had to include some pictures I just took of the sky at my home in Bakersfield, California.

But, only enter the rest of this post if you dare........

Hopefully you will be in for a Treat....

If you look closely several  friends have arrived.  

I will introduce you to them.
Crystal spider napkin ring
Orange glitter napkin spider ring.
Black crystal spider napkin ring.

Black cat.

Black furry spider after the Halloween Oreo cookies.

Black iron spider votive holders.

Spiders dropping from the chandelier.

My vintage dress form as the "Headless Waitress"  serving the table.

Skeletons invited.

Cloche of spiders spinning their web.

Spider square plate.

Web napkins, Skeleton placemats from HomeGoods last year.
Black square with orange dot dessert plates, Spider square plates, and orange-black dotted pumpkin from HomeGoods this year.
Black plates, Jack o' Lantern plates, orange cups from Fiesta Outlet in West Virginia.
Spider napkin rings Tahoe Holiday Shop this year.
Furry spiders, Nell Hill's in Atchinson Kansas last year.

I will be posting soon some other vignettes that evolved from that pile of treasures in previous post..
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rock-a-billy Girl Has Some New Bling

My friend, Sandra, sent me a photo and said she made a new necklace for my Rock-a-billy Girl in my guest bedroom.  When I received it, I loved it.  It is perfect for the dress form but I want to wear it too.  I would like to show it to you  and tell you how using vintage jewelry can also be used as decor for your home.

Sandra is very creative and has been making jewelry for some time.  
She loves to use vintage pieces in her creations.  

This creation has vintage buttons and she knows I love rhinestones 
so this was the perfect combination for me.

I  wanted you to get a closer look.


If you would like to check out a previous post about this Rock-a-Billy outfit click here.

This is what the necklace would look like paired with my vintage black sheer blouse.

The necklace button compliments the buttons on the blouse.  The blouse actually buttons up the back.

This vignette is in my guest bath and I accessorized the blouse with these vintage black sheer elbow-length gloves.

Included is this antique black and gold beaded purse.

The blouse hangs on a vintage gold satin hanger with  a black and tan toile bird birched on top.

This vignette sits close by.  The vintage bottle is dressed up in black lace and rhinestones with a black plume spilling out of the top.  As a side note, this vignette sits on an antique English lace inlaid vanity tray.

I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to my creative friend, Sandra, who has blessed my life.

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