Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entry If You Dare

No, I didn't spell it wrong.  The last post was "Enter If You Dare" and this post is "Entry If You Dare"  You have to walk through the entry hall of my house to reach the Halloween  tablescape so this is what you see............if you have your eyes open.

Our new Pirate greets you but you better not touch his chest of jewels.

The "Boo" banner says it all.

Sitting on the edge of the armoire is a black spider with scarry eyes.

As you pass by, she comes down to greet you, too.

Spiders around the "Cold Poison".

I found these candles that look like they are dripping blood...sick huh?

There are spiders in all colors...

You have to walk through the spider's  web to get to the other rooms.

Now on a fun note:

With the help of Suzanne owner of a local fabric shop called
Strawberry Patches
I purchased fabric to make pillowcases for my three grandsons.
I thought since they are now 8 - 10 - 12 years of age, they wouldn't be too excited but was I wrong.

I got the award for:  "The Best Grammy in the whole wide world
to the coolest Grammy" for making pillowcases that glow in the dark.

These were so fun and easy that they will be getting pillowcases for every holiday.

If you are interested, get the instructions for making pillowcases on Suzanne's blog  Notes From the Patch .
If you would like to check out the store's fabrics click Strawberry Patches.

Thank you Suzanne at Strawberry Patches and Beverly at
My Sew Sweet Studio for always encouraging me to sew.

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Have a Fun Day!