Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Home Tour Continued at Ruth's

The moment you walk through the door at Ruth's home you know she is a collector.  After you enjoy the view of the golf course from the expanse windows out the living room your eye is drawn back in by the beautiful rich colors of her Christmas tree.

The gold bulbs and crystal icicles along with the deep rich colors of the burgundy red poinsettias give Ruth's home a rich warm welcome.

The warmth radiants not only from her fireplace but from the tree topper collection she displays on the mantle.

Shelves on both  sides of the fireplace hold full Dept 56 cities.  It tells a wonderful story.

Churches and houses are displayed in a mound of snow inside cloches.

Ruth's  collection of vintage candy jars are filled to the rims with Christmas candies.

Most of her vintage Christmas bulbs have beautiful designs and writing.

The mood of Ruth's home changes with the seasons.  Thank you Ruth for sharing your collected treasures.