Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Home Tour Continued at Beverly's

Even though our tour took us to my house next, I wanted to share Beverly's home which was our last stop and featured our dessert.  I'm always for going right to the desserts first.


We entered Beverly's customized home for dessert and her candy cane Christmas tree set us in the mood.  Every ornament and ribbon displays candy cane designs.  What a yummy feast for the eyes.

This cabinet was customized to display her Dept 56 houses.  Her living room comes alive with these lighted houses and wintery scenes. 

This little musical Christmas tree has a train circling the bottom which she says is for her grandchildren but we all enjoyed it too.

I probably wouldn't get many clothes washed in Beverly's laundry room because I would be gazing at the snowy Christmas tree with glittered white birds perched on the tree limbs.  What a fun place to work.

Beverly not only designs and sews she is a great cook.  We made the right choice in choosing her house last for our dessert time. 

If you would like to see more of Beverly's creative talents and get the recipe to these mouth-watering Golden Rasberry Thumbprint cookies, visit her blog at

Beverly displayed this book intitled "Christmas House".  Her house is a workshop of her many talents and we all go to her when we have designing projects. 
Thank you Beverly for letting us tour your Christmas House.