Friday, December 18, 2009

Let the Holiday Home Tour Begin at Cindi's

For the past several years I have been blessed with six friends that have shared in every aspect of each other's life.  Some of us have been friends for over 35 years and we met through shared interests such as antiquing, shopping, decorating, cooking, crafting and prayer.  We shop together and end up buying many items the same, in fact, we look out for each other and often say "You know I will want one too, just get it for me".   We always have our own Holiday Home Tour and it is so personal and special I wasn't even sure I wanted to share it.  But sense Christmas is a time to spread joy, I hope I can give you the sense of awe that I felt as I entered each home.

 Cindi's country home is the perfect setting for our Christmas Potluck.  The minute you drive through  her lighted fenced drive, you know you are in for a treat.  There are many treats for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.   We invite the men to join us for this occasion and Cindi's dining table can seat us all.  It is always beautifully decorated.  We usually draw names and exchange an antique but this year we decided to give to Franklin Graham's Shoebox Ministry.  It was such a joy to choose items for girls and boys in need of a Christmas blessing.


The minute we opened the door and walked in, we knew we were in for a treat for the eyes.

 This hall tree's antique finish gives a wintery feel.

  Cindi collects NOELs and CHRISTMAS GIRLS.  it is amazing how many different ones she has acquired.

The way Cindi displays her collections is such a treat.

Christmas girls are displayed in a cute red and white vintage suitcase.

Cindi not only decorates her whole house but made at least 15 different desserts. 

Who can pass on a chocolate yuletide log.

This chocolate wreath is decorated in detail with gum drops.
This is a treat for the taste as well as for the eyes.

It was hard to stay focused on our bunco game in this room with so much to see.  We had a really fun time.

Thank you Cindi for making this night a memorable occasion.

The Christmas Home Tour continued the next night so this post will also.