Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are Green and Black Christmas Colors?

My living room Christmas tree actually began last year.  When I saw the different shades of green in this poinsettia, I knew I wanted to use different shades of greens for my tree. Since I use black and green as my neutral colors in this room, it was the perfect choice.  When I told my Mom I was decorating for Christmas with black and green, she said, "black isn't a Christmas color" but when she saw it, she liked it.


I used three different shades of green ribbon with different textures.  Along with the black bulbs, I use three shades of green bulbs from light to dark hunter green.  This year I did incorporate some silver since the tree can be seen from my dining area and kitchen and as you can see from earlier posts, I used silver for my decor in those rooms.

I hope you can see the tree skirt.  It does pull all the colors together.  The scalloped edging and dots are black velvet on top of a green satin background with the silver trim so it ties all the colors together.  I couldn't get a good picture of the full tree, I will have to work on my photography.

It does take time to transform the decor to Christmas but I love it when it is completed.