Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dressmaker Form

Welcome to Vintage Black Friday it happens the first Friday of every month.
I would love to introduce this lovely lady, she has many talents. 

I was introduced to this lady of many talents at a flea market about ten years ago. At the time I met her, she was already decked out in this lovely black fabric and because she didn't have a stand, I don't have information of her origin.

At the present she is holding a vintage black velvet belt with a rhinestone buckle and several newer multi-colored rhinestone belts.  The one rhinestone belt with the two dropped balls is a vintage piece.  It has a double string of rhinestones and the hook has a rhinestone to make it a great detailed piece. 
A vintage umbrella with a rhinestone handle is pinned on her side.

These unique vintage display pieces are great for holding necklaces and brooches.  The hat sitting on top is a black straw pill-box hat with an incredible vintage cream-colored velvet rose accent.

Sitting next to this dress form in my guest bath are two vintage black velvet hats.  One is accented with rhinestones and the other with feathers.  The display case they are sitting on is a vintage store display case for jewelry.  It now holds some of my rhinestone pieces new and old.

In her earlier life, this dress form sat on top of my armoire.  In this vignette, black Victorian boots sit on top of an antique black leather top hat case.  Also, a vintage black umbrella leans on the wall.  The hexagon script hat box is tied with vintage black lace. There is a vintage black shawl draped over the edge of the armoire. Again, the little vintage black hat is included.

Dressmaker forms have been around since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.  It is documented that when Carter opened King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922, he discovered a wooden torso not far from a clothing chest.  Dating from 1350 B.C. it may have been the world's first dressmaker's form. (From Smithsonian Magazine)  There is more history about dressmaker forms if you click on Shapely Shadow a Southern California company's website.

Dressmaker's forms whether old or new are a great accent piece to use while decorating
as well as for their intended use... to make a dress.

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