Monday, June 7, 2010

My Second Home

I feel like I have a second not on beach front property but on baseball diamond property.

I would like you to meet my star players.

My baseball star and grandson, Eli, when playing pitcher, caught the ball and threw to 1st base to get the out.

My baseball star and grandson, Davis, batting  and ready to give that ball a ride.

My baseball star and grandson, C J, sliding into 3rd base and was safe.  One of his slides caused him a trip to emergency and required some stitches but that won't stop him.  He says a scar just shows he's tough.

I don't know of a better second home.  The view is great... there is always entertainment...the lawns are always manicured....the furniture is moved on a regular basis.....the kitchen has a maid that does your shopping and provides your food....there is even someone that takes the trash out....  I feel very blessed.

If you have a second home, I would love to hear about it.
I will also be sharing soon "How baseball can be included in your decorating".