Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

My sister is a Congregational Care Pastor.  She recently wrote a post on her church website that got me thinking about how important it is where you place a mirror in your decor.  What does it reflect?  So I went around my home and took some pictures to share with you.

A black vintage mirror that reflects the black antique armoire across from it in my entry way.

Green plants are great to sit in front of an antique mirror. 
It adds depth and dimension to the vignette to see the greenery.

When you have an object like this antique urn, 
the mirror allows you to see more of the patina.

This vignette sits on top of my vintage armoire.
The mirror reflects the dropped crystals from an antique chandelier.
At night it reflects the dimmed lights.

I remember growing up with this mirror.  My Mom said that my Grandma worked as a Nanny during World War II. around 1942.  At the time, my Grandma lived in Stockton, California. The lady she worked for gave her a pair of these mirrors and my Mom gave me one of them about 15 years ago. 
In my mind, it reflects my childhood but in the mirror reflection it shows
vintage movie reels in the photo vignette in the hallway.

My sister, Pastor Jeanette, (Our family affectionately calls her "Rev Jet")
had this to say in her post:

How Does God See Me?

Many times we see a picture of ourselves and say, "I hate that picture!", and we try to get rid of it.  Recently, my brother-in-law made a video of me that my whole family enjoys laughing at and of course, I hate it.  I offered good money for him to discard it!
I am so glad to see that scripture in 1 Samuel 16:7 says, " looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."  Have you ever wondered how God sees you?

I have two daughters in their 40's.  The other day I was thinking, "I can't remember anything that they did wrong!  Of course, I know that my daughters did do wrong things, but the older I get, I just remember the good things they did.  Jesus said he removes our sins as far as the east is from the west.  When we ask Him for forgiveness, He doesn't remember our sins any longer.  So, each morning I ask Him for forgiveness.

The staff of my church is so gifted.  Many times I say to the Lord, "Why am I sitting here among so much creativity and talent?"  Then the Lord reminds me of Gideon, who was "just a farmer."  When Gideon saw himself a scared child of God trying to get through life and feed his family, God saw him as a mighty warrior.

The things (circumstances) that are happening in your personal life have nothing to do with how God sees you from heaven, or the plans that He has for you today!  (Jeremiah 29:11)

When God sees you, He sees the mighty man or woman of God that He has plans for.  Try to see yourself as God sees you today.

Pastor Jeanette

How does your heart and home reflect who you really are?