Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the Road Again - Weekend Shopping Adventure - Part 5

The  "Girlfriend Gadabouts" loaded up our van and started our journey north to home. 

We love to shop at The Decor Store.  Its name says it all.  We stopped at two of their three stores in Southern California on our way home.  They have one store in Northern California and one in Arizona.
If you would like to see more of what they offer click here.

 We never miss a chance to check out the bargains at HomeGoods.  I think our record HomeGoods stops were five stores on a shopping adventure but this time only two.

I still found some more nautical items and ideas.

You know we are die-hard shoppers when you have to change to your slippers like Sandi and your friends aren't embarrassed to be seen with you.
We stick together and encourage each other to keep shopping until we drop no matter what.

All good things must come to an end so after eating dinner at a restaurant that Linda suggested " Kona Crisp" in Valencia, we headed back to Bakersfield.

Friendship Poem - poetry fan art
Thank you my Real True Friends: Beverly, Linda, Ruth, Sally, and Sandi
for a memorable Weekend Shopping Adventure.

We are Blessed!