Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the Road Again - Weekend Shopping Adventure - Part 3

After leaving the Remnants of the Past show in Nipomo California, we headed south.  We should have a sign on our van that said "Caution, this vehicle stops at Antique Shops".

This buggy with the word "Antiques" made our van stop.

I thought this yellow buggy was unique.

The antique mall is in an old railroad depot building in the small town of  Los Alamos, California.

This field of dreams had visions of poppies and lupine.

The field of color with the hills in the background set a beautiful stage for our trip. 
It wasn't too long after this stop that we made our first siting of the Pacific Ocean.

The van continued to brake for antiques in Summerland.

I think it also brakes for flowers too.

Flowers just seem to flourish in the coastal climate.

Adventure to be continued.