Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mixing the Past with the Present

On a shopping spree last week, I was in an antique mall (does that surprise anyone?) and one of the collectors had some old books.  Decorating with books is one of my passions, I buy books by the covers not necessarily by the content or title.

The title is "House of Earth" by Pearl S. Buck copyright from 1931.

The cover of this book was plain but the color is neutral enough to use with many accessories.

The title of this book is "Seasoned Timber" by Dorothy Canfield published in 1939.  The trim and lettering on the label is green and  goes so well with the texture.

The covers on the book are fabric.  I loved the texture.

The decorating ideas for these books are endless but since decorating with odd numbered items I wanted to add to this vignette so my treasure hunt was not over.

As we travelled to a new shopping area, I spotted The Anthropologie store,  This store  is fun because they have many new items that have a vintage look.


  The title of this book "etcetera" by Sibella Court published in 2009 had the vintage look but styling for the present.  It is a book that I started reading and is full of inspiring decorating ideas. 

This book's cover states ...."creating beautiful interiors with the things you love".  The author also says "pick a theme and run with it".  So here is my themed vignette and I'm running with it.

Mixing of the past with the present reminded me of driving my three grandsons home from a basketball game a few days ago.  They were watching the "Kunfu Panda" movie and I heard one of the characters in the story say "the past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift".  So true.