Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rustic Western Dinner

I have been wanting to join Tablescape Thursday for some time.  I make dinner every Tuesday for my daughter and her family.  My daughter teaches high school math and is raising three boys and a husband (you have to know my son-in-law for me to say that...ha).    Anyway, I like to make the tablescape special when I have time and last Tuesday, I decided it would be a Rustic Western theme because we were having top sirloin. 

The runner is a piece of gunny sack fabric I had and the rustic scrolled candleholder and candles of rustic colors add a punch of color.  The pheasant is fake and the ceramic boots are used as vases with artificial flowers.

The ceramic boots were purchased at Kohl's last year and are used here for vases.

The rustic tin chargers set the mood and the Fiesta plates and bowls are so versatile.  The napkin rings were purchased at Walmart around Thanksgiving time and have a leaf motif but still go perfect with the chargers and candleholder.  Adding a feather to the napkin gives a touch of whimsy.

I love to add a touch of the past with the vintage binoculars.

It was easy to put a gunny sack on the back of the dining chairs.  I do have to caution those that have allergies to maybe wash the sacks before using them because I had to take them off the table and chairs before we were finished eating because they caused my allergies to flair.  But we did play some western music and had a fun time.  Yee Haw!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I enjoy hearing from you. 

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Road Trip in California - Porterville

Even though sunny California wasn't too sunny, I asked my Mom if she wanted to take a short hour  road trip to a shop in Porterville, California called La Vintage Rue.  Several years ago, I found this shop by referral from another antique dealer.  I purchased one of my favorite armoires there around three years ago.  It is featured in one of my earlier posts on December 21, 2009 "Christmas Home Tour Continued at Gail's".   I would like for you to take a peek at this fun shop, too.

Vintage suitcases give textures and levels to your vignettes and add storage area.  The collection of cameras would work as accessories.

Several antiques mixed with repos.

The green chest would make a great accent piece for a pop of color.

Alot of fun containers.

Display cabinets are great for storage or showing off your collections.

You can never have too much flatware.  The look of the old pieces gives a tablesetting charm.

These green wooden chests are great for storage and such a fun accent.

This tea cart was probably maple originally but looks great painted black.

The rough painted cabinet would be great for storage as well as display.

The robin's egg blue on this shabby table looked original.

I really debated on this display cabinet.  It had a little paint on it which gave it charm.

This white table is so versatile, it could have many uses.

This is a great farm table.  The deer antlers came home with me.

This has a marble cheese base but the dome must be new and it fits perfectly.  It, also, came home with me.

The rough brown finish on this display cabinet caught my eye.  It is made with repurposed wood from old pieces.  I love the sliding doors.  It, also, came home with me.  Actually not that day but a few days later.  My husband and son-in-law were so nice to go back and get it for me.

The display cabinet is now showing off some of my treasures in my master bedroom.

Behind the store register on the wall are old newspaper clippings and window panes.  My Mom said some of the ads were from the forties.

One of the old ads on the wall said "Tell the world you are from California".
  Since I was born and raised in California, I can make that statement.

This church in Porterville was lovely.  I had to show you the steeple.

I always feel bad when I see an abandon church, but these stained glass windows were beautiful.  I could see this as a residence.  It would take work and money but it would be so unique.

It was a great escape and I would say, "My treasure hunt was a success!".

Leave a comment and let me know what was your favorite.  It is always great to hear from you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Ever Walked the Streets of Bakersfield" - Five and Dime Antique Mall

Does this title sound familiar?  Well, that good old song of Buck Owens "Streets of Bakersfield" might give you a different image of Bakersfield California than what I'm going to share but hang on for a bucking good ride.

Because I have been involved with many antique stores and antique faires, I thought that might be a good place to start so I took a little trip to downtown Bakersfield to the Five and Dime Antique Mall.  It is located in the old Woolworth building on 19th Street.

Photo of original building

Three floors of treasures await you as you walk through these corner doors.

You never know what creatures may greet you.

If you get hungry while shopping, there is a soda fountain dinette area that serves lunch.

There is a display case full of Woolworth's memorabilia.

This mural is painted on the side of the building.

If you ever walk the streets of Bakersfield, make sure you stroll on into the Five and Dime Antique Mall.