Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild Birthday Luncheon

I feel blessed to have two older sisters, eight and ten years older.  My nickname is "Baby Gail",  I think that says it all.  Anyway, my sister, Jeanette, just had a birthday.  Her daughter, Brooke, hosted a birthday luncheon for her.  Brooke and her husband are so creative and I wanted to share some of their home.

The dining room tablescape was lined with exotic candle holders. The damask table runner added charm to the setting.

The chargers are gold wire with crystal beads.  She used clear glass plates which showed off the chargers beautifully.

These are the patterned glass plates to sit on those lovely chargers.

Buffet in dining room.  In its previous life it was a pine cabinet but when they moved into this house they had it painted and feet added because of the high ceilings. 

Jeanette's favorite fruits, watermelon and grapes were included in the buffet line.

It is fun to include a tablescape in the buffet line. 

There were actually two vignettes that brought a colorful touch to the buffet line.

You don't mind waiting in the buffet line when there is eye candy to feast on.

Three of her great grandkids had to get out of the pool to sing "Happy Birthday" and lick the frosting off the candles on the cake.

Sorry but this is the wildest our party got with a closeup of the animal printed candles.
Jeanette loves to decorate and wear fashion in animal prints.

My beautiful sister, Jeanette, with her beautiful daughters, Kristie and Brooke.

I had to show them under Brooke's entry chandelier.
I will be posting more of Brooke's lovely home next.

I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday the next time I get a chance but for now this is it.

Have a Blessed Day