Monday, February 4, 2013

White Roses

When my daughter asked me to make a bouquet for my oldest Grandson, Davis, to give to his date, Jessie,  for his school formal, I said okay.  Then I thought, "Can I do this?".  I mostly do silk flowers and they are more forgiving than fresh flowers but for them, I will give it my best shot.

This is a silk bouquet I did to practice on the stem ribbons. (which you can't see in this photo)

Since I had made the bouquet, I created this folded heart vintage book page for a Valentine vignette.

Choosing perfect white roses is a bit tricky but I found some.

I chose three different textures of ribbon. 
I knew they were wearing royal blue so I added a touch of narrow royal ribbon, one silver glitter ribbon with an open weave and one silver glitter ribbon with a black background.
I chose silver since I knew Davis' suit was gray.

I had to add a touch of bling on the ribbon.
 A girl can never have too much bling!
All tied together.

All the bling went perfect with Jessie's gown.

Oh, did I say a girl can never have too much bling.....
I added some rhinestones to the flowers.

 Always have to have something silly........


 I added a picture of Davis' parents since today is his 15th birthday.

Davis, I love you and are so proud of you,
Happy 15th Birthday Davis!

Love, Grammy