Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A French Style Gift of Love

One of the greatest loves is having friends that know you well and still love you.  I am so blessed with several.  It also helps if they are extremely creative.  I have a special friend, her name is Sandra who I call Sandi.  She amazes me with her creativeness and thoughtfulness.  She has made me countless items and I cherish them all.  The other day she brought me two gifts that she made for me and I immediately had to redecorate my table in my entry.

This beautiful Paris graphic design print had to be surrounded by an ornate frame. 
 This silver frame gave it the presence in the vignette that it needed.

The glow of the lamp sets the mood.   
I don't have blue love birds, so I used my red ones.  
Of course, red roses had to be included.

Sandi made this red velvet book marker....ooh la la. 
I love red velvet and I draped it on the nesting doves so you could see the whole ribbon.  


 It may later go for its intended purpose as a book marker.

One end of the ribbon has the French word "amour" which says love and romance.
The pair of red heels are appropriate since I love shoes and especially red ones.

She knows this girl loves bling so this end has three charms.

Typewriters have the perfect place to display cherished items so
I included vintage ruffled gloves, millinery feathers, and a red rose.
You always need that "Touch of the Past".

 This vignette was grouped with a vintage typewriter, old Carter's ink bottle and 
silhouette of a beautiful lady pinning a love letter I'm sure.

This "Love" sign says it all.

This is the best time to add a touch of romance to your home decor.