Monday, October 31, 2011

Chillin' with my Ghoul friends

Two of my "Ghoul friends" had birthdays in October and we haven't gotten together to just visit for a while so I decided at the last minute.....which is my usual plan, to have the celebration at my house.  I had just taken my Halloween decorations down to share with another group and I was going to go for decorating my house for Thanksgiving but while I was on a shopping trip, I purchased these beverage napkins and I knew I had the theme for our party:

"Chillin' with my Ghoul friends"

 Happy Birthday Beverly!

Happy Birthday Sandra!

 Here are the Birthday Ghouls...

All the Ghoul friends

My Mom was my right-hand Ghoul

The table was set with sparkling Autumn leaves and colorful velvet and glittered Pumpkins.  The white candles add ambiance while dripping black wax.  The colorful Fiestaware gave a cheerful touch of color for the celebration. It is not about the scary but about the fun even though there was a orange and black furry spider crawling on the table.

They only dared to enter with this dress form
dressed up as a headless witch.  Her hat was too cute.

The medicine cabinet was filled with poisons.

 Who would dare to eat dessert on these plates after passing by that cabinet.

Can you believe that rat perched on top of my antique books. Take a look at the pumpkin made from pages of a book.

There were other creatures lurking in the shadows.

Even the pirate's ship landed to check out all the ghouls.

We tried to stay up until the bewitching hour but
all Ghoul things have to come to an end.

My Grandson, Eli having fun.