Monday, January 17, 2011

Dessert and Tea for Three

My son and DIL are here in Bakersfield, California visiting from Philadelphia, PA.  My DIL Courtny, my daughter Monica, and I decided to go out for lunch and for a little shopping and some decadent desserts.  Yes, I did add an "s" on desserts as you will see later.   We stopped by "Strawberry Patches" for some creative inspiration using some cute fabrics.  If you want to be inspired, too, visit Suzanne's blog "Notes From the Patch" by clicking here.    Suzanne said to me  "What have you been doing, you haven't posted on your blog since January the 3rd!"  I know you don't care to hear all my excuses but I have to  tell you  that I received enough money for Christmas to add to my funds to purchase a laptop.  There is much to be done trying to "teach an old dog new tricks" (did I just call myself an old dog?... I think I did... lol)  We, also, purchased a motorhome so we have been traveling too.  Anyway, next door to Strawberry Patches is a bakery and boutique called "Sweet Surrender".  So we did surrender to the sweets and purchased some desserts to take home to have a tea party.

Even though today happened to be a cloudy day, the bright colored floral tea cups cheered us up.

Sweet Surrender makes the most amazing pastries. 
We chose a rich, dark chocolate cupcake with toffee crumbled on bottom and top.  It is called an English Toffee cupcake.  The other cupcake was called Snickerdoodle.  The  bar had a cookie base with layers of chocolate chunks and nuts with a cream cheese type top.   It was called Neiman Marcus bar

We decided to cut each of our desserts and share so we could have a bite of each pastry.  The cute heart napkins were purchased at the new Hobby Lobby store one hour north in Visalia, CA.  I think this antique knife is called a fish knife but I used it to serve the pastry pieces.

We boiled water for tea in the tea kettle just purchased from Home Goods.

This is an antique box I keep tea in.

I'm not sure it is actually meant to be a tea caddy but it is perfect with the silhouette of a Victorian couple having tea.


(She decided to have milk with her rich desserts)
What fun it was to have
"Dessert and Tea for Three"

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