Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chelsie's Bridal Shower May 2012

I had such a fun time hosting a bridal shower for my great-niece, Chelsie, recently so I thought I would show you some inspiration if you are hosting a party.  Thank you for letting me include some personal photos too.

The wedding theme was peacock feathers and colors so the main colors were royal blue, teal, and green.  It was such a great combination of colors to work with for the bridal shower and wedding.

The weather started to warm up so I had to use three canopies for shade but it worked out fine.

For the gift table I used one of their engagement photos and had a canvas print made at Costco.

A shower has to have an umbrella especially on a warm day.

Chelsie loves to read so I went to the thrift store and my stash to get books in the three wedding colors for the tablescapes.  Can you see the peacock feathers peeking out of the glittered ribbons? There is a nest and bird, too.  The silver ice buckets give the table decor some bling.

The wedding reception had a garden theme so I couldn't resist using this vintage window and drawer with vintage garden tools and a garden hat inside on a side table.

We made white with glitter branches which we used at the wedding.  
I love to use my ruffled bedskirt as a tablecloth.

 Chelsie's sister, Mystie, helped with the gifts even the wrapping paper were peacock feathers.

Chelsie's sister, Estie, helped with the opening of gifts
 along with some young girls dreaming of being the bride some day. 

Personalized gifts with her new last name is always fun to receive.

Bride-to-be, Chelsie, with her two sisters and Mom, Kristie.

Chelsie and her soon to be sisters in law and mother in law and nephew.

Beverage bar with dress form  and vintage hat standing close by.
  Chelsie has always loved hats, she use to dress up with them when she came to my house.

Chelsie with her Grandma Jeanette who is the reverend that will be officiating at the wedding.  
That is so special.

This is Chelsie's Nana (Great Grandma), Lucille.

This is Chelsie with me, her Great Auntie Gail.  
I have to say with her high heels on she is over six feet tall and is gorgeous.

Groom, David, showed up just in time to help pack it all up.

Congratulations and Best Wishes as you begin your
 Wonderful Life Together!

David & Chelsie